Out of the Box


That is so clever! Well Done


A couple of variations on the classic Acapulco chair.
No legs, but it was the structure of the curves I was playing with.


For anyone interested, this is the basic method I used to make the above chairs. More segments obviously and a little more care with position. The black one has a double curve.

May 25 Acapulco chair from Box
From 3ds max to sketchup

Using the same methods plus a little SUbD and some clothworks.


Amazing as always. As lynne1 says please keep posting very inspiring.


You sir are a genius. I never would have thought such a complex form could be made so simple.
Thank you. It is inspiring.


I have been using Sketchup since it was a pup and I never thought of doing such a thing. Thanks for posting B)


Another quicky that people often miss.
The recently coined Negative Follow me.


More please.


Smoke Alarm Cover?


No, it was for a guy who wanted to make the cover for the vent on top of a train.



That’s cool.

Good training exercise.

I’m a fan.


Making the fan blades must have been interesting too.


Here’s a rough version of how I made the fan blades.


consider me a fan, too!

What was the extension to get the offset area quadfaced? TIG’s :hotdog::doughnut::pizza:?


Yes indeed, Tig’s Split :doughnut:


If you want it to be one piece you can explode all the parts to combine them, regroup and SUbD. There are six inner faces in this where the blades join the hub, remove them to get a smoother finish and a solid.


Pretty sharp.

Very cutting edge work.


@Box do you see things in real life as Subd proxies already? (a little bit like trying to rotate jpegs with the middle mouse button) :wink:


Wow amazing! What is the plug in that you used to twist the end of the blade?