Out of the Box


He used VertexTools from Thomthom.




Thanks @Cotty, it is indeed Vertex tools, one of my most often used tools.

If you mean freado’s excellent Box Twisting, part of Fredoscale, then No, it would give a very different result.
Fredo’s tool will slice the shape and make it curve, when subdivided it will tend to remain square and it doesn’t retain the quads so the SUbD is messy.
Vertex tools rotates the faces keeping the lines straight and maintaining the structure so that SUbD has clean quads to work on.


Yees, and I showed you that what you had suggested wouldn’t work in this case.


Can you not see in the gif the different results, the one on the right doesn’t form the fan shape when SUbD’d.


In the context of the question you were answering, the answer is still, No, in the case of creating this shape in this specific format, ie; a fan blade made using SUbD, fredo’s Box Twisting isn’t appropriate.


ok fredo wont twist it. nevermind.


You’re missing the point. I don’t care how Fabulous I am, you answered a question incorrectly, I corrected that by showing you why your suggestion doesn’t work in this case.

Fredo’s box twisting will twist things, but it wasn’t the tool I used and it wouldn’t have worked even if I did use it.


I give up.
You pointed out another plugin that can be used to twist things.
I showed you how that specific plugin doesn’t work in this specific instance. I didn’t chastise you or anything, I gave a demo of what happens with both options.
You insist your answer was relevant.
I point out that it wasn’t relevant in this case.
You get upset and delete everything.
Why? It was useful information on how certain plugins, while capable of doing virtually the same thing, don’t work in combination with other plugins.


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On a lighter note, good stuff Box, keep it coming.


After a brief cooling off period, here’s a bit of fun with Thomthom’s new plugin True Bend.


A couple of renders created with the method above.


I think my laptop would die trying to load a model that complex! Don’t even want to think about actual render time…! :cold_sweat:


You might be surprised, I did this on an i3 that is more than 10 years old.
But yeah, it did struggle a bit.


Box, Great stuff. I love how you also give very good gifs to demystify these ‘simple’ actions to create complex stuff.

What’s the convert paths to cylinders extension you use when making the chairs?

Nevermind I hunted about and found it in the Sketchucation extension store. :+1:


Cheers @IanR
It was Didier’s old Lines2tubes if anyone else wants to know.


A double leaf tartan inspired by another thread.
Made with clothworks.
Probably too dark again as my monitors are off balance.


I’ve found that when I have a bash at rendering it often looks fine in the program. Then when you put it against the bright white contrast of this forum, it suddenly appears very dark. So now I always er on the side of lighter, it’s a bit of an art finding the balance.


My problem is one screen is bright and one screen is dark, so if I render on one it gets washed out on the other and vise versa.
I suspect my dark screen is close to how it should be and this was rendered on the light screen, so it looks dark. I often have to check the image on my phone to get some idea.