Out of the Box


Here it is unrendered direct from SU.


Same image with auto levels.


On my calibrated display, this one is much better than the other, which is quite dark indeed.


Did a different fix to this one. I made it be transparent background and then some manual levels adjustment. Made it be 8 bit PNG to save file space, with so few colors it should look ok.

I see that it has a slight fringe to it, which I could fix, but it’s fine against a white background.


I think it needs more fuzzy edges. Awesome image.


A little 70’s molded plastic SUbD doodle.


It is a throne, not?


It’s definitely something a 70’s supervillan would have in his man cave. Needs some shag pile carpet and lava lamps etc to finish the mood.


A little oddity of clothworks is that when used an edge it sheds its stickiness, so you can intertwine them and they retain their path.


A quick doodle to get back in touch after two weeks of no sketchup and a serious case of jetlag. A simple radial array to create a nice printable object.


A bit of follow me in components makes it simple to create solids that fit together.


there should be a pause button on the GIF, so you can follow the steps more easily…


The idea is to sit back and relax, sipping coffee and watching it being played at least 10 times.
You as a pro however could do with less than 5 times, but then you might spill your coffee, drinking too fast…


that would be handy inside SU…



Funny you should mention that…


Just throwing in a little Truebend tip.
When you do a 360 bend with truebend the plugin creates a solid but it is z-fighting two faces where the ends come together. If you explode the group the two faces merge and you can then remove that single face and regroup.
Thomthom is looking into it, but this is a simple workaround.
You can also remove the faces and repair the vertices with Vertex Tools.


When deleting inner faces, why use a section, rather than just zoom inside the model to delete?


For two reasons, firstly it is easy as it only takes a few clicks to use a section plane while zooming in can take some effort, especially if you are trying to use the scroll wheel to scroll through something. Admittedly I use a space mouse so it is easier, but that doesn’t make it the most educational way.
Secondly, and more importantly, zooming in takes camera movement and that requires many frames in a gif, so to keep file size down in my gifs I try to move the camera as little as possible.


Whenever I find myself with that situation, I temporarily “Hide” the face that’s in the way, Delete the internal face and then Unhide the hidden. I’d never thought of using the Section idea. I’ve found that zooming can be a bit weird and dis-orientating for me.


For educational purposes and frame rate, I understand the zoom issues.
I guess I like the challenge of maintaining my orientation while going inside models. Sometimes I find unexpected issues when looking inside as well.
I should consider using the section tool more. At the moment I don’t even have the icon on the toolbar.