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Most of my models are rendered with Indigo Renderer, some with Thea Renderer. 100% of them are created just for fun, perhaps 1% took longer than one evening of sketching. If it’s convenient, I combine the rendered image with a line export from SU.

Here’s a first example from me of a rendered SketchUp model…
I will update this topic from time to time with new images.

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Hello. Newbie with some model critique questions

“Colored glass in concrete”…


Some flutes…



Nice. How do they sound?


Mine (50+ years ago) was the same shape but of brown plastic and it sounded quite crappy…



All of your models are fascinating! I see a distinct potential for architectural applications resembling your “Colored glass in concrete” model.

Can you share what you did in creating it?


Thank you! It’s a very simple setup, here some “making-of” steps:
(model: glassinconcrete.skp (927.2 KB))

and the used light setup for the rendered version:


This is useful information. Thanks.


A light vase…


Very nice. So light, it almost floats. :smile:


That is really beautiful, imagine a car with a roof like that, or the patio of a home!

The dovetail render also very nice
are these render packages available for free for the old Sketchup on Win7 ultimate
I will be trying to go beyond and learn some rendering
without spending money on buying software

I also love the lamp it sure would sell well in stores in different material mix
wood metal perspex porous materials over the glass lamp

Thanks for sharing


Thank you!

They have trial versions to play with. If you use them for commercial work, you will have to buy a license.


A lighthouse light…

and some details about the setup…



Very interesting design. Is it your own?


Yes, but it’s inspired by some similar chairs from the web…


Hello there,
If I may ask, how do you get this scene with “lights” in SU ?
Is this another plugin that I must look for ?



The images are rendered with an external Renderer.


This is an excellent idea !
I can see making this in reality using a vase or bottle and turning the discs on the lathe. Attaching the wood discs to the glass with an epoxy resin maybe ?
Wonderful model.


It looks much like AutoDesk Maya, which I have worked in… Miss it much.