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I’ve added links to the used renderers in the first post.


Playing around with Skatter, a new plugin from Thomas (jiminy-billy-bob) which is currently in beta phase…
(rendered with Thea and a lot of proxies :wink:)


I like the slats, the shape and form…for manufacturing ease PVC strips that can be shaped with a heat press mold. The same PVC resin used for electrical conduit…HUMMM!!


I see what you mean, sort of like an electrical chair, right?


Another skatter test…


@Cotty, I really liked this vase of yours. From the technical point of view, I was wondering how those horizontal wooden levels are held together. Have you thought about that? And your rendering looks stunning. Is this V-Ray?


Not really :wink:

Thank you! Most of the renders are done with Indigo Renderer (vase too), the ones with skatter tests with Thea Renderer. (links in first post)


Oh wow! I remember I tried Indigo many years ago. Didn’t realize it could produce something so real. In the end I settled on V-Ray. Now waiting for Corona to finish their SketchUp plugin to try it as well. Btw, I also wanted to ask where you got that table surface texture from. It looks very realistic. Is it from the SketchUp Texture website?


No, I’ve created it from a photo and imported it into SketchUp.


That really pretty. I imagine the support strips in leather,maybe old 2nd hand leather belt or woven nylon tapes.


I had to turn this into my wallpaper for a few days. Love anything bubbly_ish.


It’s still my wallpaper :wink:


Experimenting with the new SubD plugin (Thomthom).

You can download the model here if you like to play with it:


class glass you’ve got there…


yes could be a modern Mars type of Samyrai hat with the light in the center…cool
For the “Sketchucation” to become a membership fee?
I see so many online tutorials etc that are from "Sketchucation"
Is that run by the Trimble company? Or is that a separate entity?


Dito here …but I change often…
Years ago I made a whole Art exhibition based on
bubbles but mine were photos and then photoshopped
but moved beyond bubbles but still find it each time I see some


It’s free (until you decide different):

It’s a community driven forum.


Another SubD experiment…

(download link here)


Did I mention how much I love the quad face topologies? :blush:


Some follow-me doodles…