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That’s a nice design. Are you going to build one in real wood?


Looks nice but the corners of the top part are going to be hard to cut and make them fit like it does in the drawing …I make things out of wood for people and this plan would be quite high priced for that top part . . Even on a miter saw this would be a bit hard to cut right . .


Really? A half-lap miter isn’t all that unusual a joint…


Mitered half lap joints are not difficult at all.


OH ! Then you have Jigs set up for this then . .And set the miter saw for the cross cut depth … Still would cost a lot to get done at any place . .


Thank you, Dave. No, I don’t plan to build one, in fact, it was only an example how to use hole cutting components (the holes in the feets) in SketchUp :wink:


SketchUp -> Layout plans -> SketchUp import -> trace from image doodle (stop here to prevent infinite loop!) :wink:


You could photo match at this point. :slightly_smiling:




Very nice! I have a hard enough time finding my pencils. :smiley:


Holy ■■■■, I need to learn this rendering program you use. Excellent models too of course.


Thank you, Rick!


Wow! That 3D model with blueprints looks so awesome! Very creative idea @Cotty. This was Kerkythea, right? Pencils look great too. If it’s Kerkythea, does it support Bump Mapping? Would add more realism, in my opinion.


Thank you.

No, like mentioned in the first post, most of my renders are made with Indigo, some with Thea.



(You can download the model here)



And another one. The parts are traced from plans imported as images. You can download the model here.


Since it’s gallery day today :wink:

(you can donwload the model here)