Tuna’s Trash

Have only posted any of my work on the sketchUcation and Twilight Render forums. Figured what the heck I’ll start posting some things here from time to time. Might be something new or something out of the past …… never know.

Modeled up this Hans Wegner style sofa tonight. Never can have too many sofas in the parts file. Cheers !


More late night practice. Mid Mod style Dry Bar - Storage Cabinet. Model has full joinery details. At some point will do a stripped down version for rendering use.


Very nice work, as usual, What’s your technique for modeling the cushions on the sofa?

Thanks David. VertexTools, QuadFace Tools and SubD are my go to tools for these. Posted an image of the seat cushion. I start with drawing the basic rectangular shape and add the piping with”follow me”. Put my loops in to suit with QuadFace Tools. Next is scrunching things up with VertexTools. Use SubD’s crease tool as desired and hit the go button. Hard part is finding a balance where things look good but you don’t run poly count through the roof.


@tuna1957 … your model looks very much like the sofa my grandmother had in her den when I was a kid. Your model is fantastic looking… but that sofa was about the most uncomfortable thing I have ever sat on in my life… :rofl:

Isn’t it in the warehouse? Stunning! Would like to use it.

Roel, thanks for your comment. I don’t put my models in the warehouse, sorry.


More parts ! Retro Sunburst Wall clock…… :grimacing:


Is dey fo’ sale? :smiley:

This is stunning! Do you sell your models (including transferring ownership) or do you take on commissions?

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Just some modeling, rendering and post pro practice……


Test rendering some new decor models…


Hey! I sent you a message! Did you get it ok?!

Neets sent you a p.m.

A little SubD practice… Proxy on the left , textured bowl on right. Did a little experimenting with a gradient texture. A quickie Twilight render of the bowl. :v:


That’s clean! Very Good! Didn’t know Twilight was all that.
$100 for renders? Keep it forever? :thinking:

Thanks Braden . Twilight is a real good value for the money. It’s a perpetual license and they have real good support on their forum.

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Well my limited SU skills finally caught up enough to finish this crazy little phone seat I started a loooong time back. Of course had to put together a little scene to render. Cheers !


Is this Twilight too?

Braden, yes Twilight v2 Pro. It’s all I’ve ever used for rendering. Also use Gimp and Affinity Photo for post processing.