Bathroom Trash Basket

Does anyone have a drawing for something like these?
Thank you!
Waste Basket 1
Waste Basket 2

It wouldn’t be too difficult to make a SketchUp model of that.

Have you got dimensions?

Dave - I hope you saw my reply to you about the gothic tables I posted earlier!?

Both baskets would have the dimensions shown is this new JPG. Give or take.
Waste Basket 3

Thank you!


Hi Charlie,

I did indeed see the pictures. Nice work.

Are you planning to model these baskets in SketchUp so you can create your shop drawings?


I would if I was that good with Sketchup! This was the most complex thing I’ve done and it was two years ago so I’ve forgotten a lot. I can certainly try.

Kitchen Table Top Alternate-Complete.skp (274.7 KB)

The SKP turned into the JPGs.


This isn’t particularly complex. Just a matter of modeling each of the parts.

Nice table. I like the detail at the bottom of the legs.

I was doodling during a meeting. Would something like this be close?


You were doodling?? Really?? Yes, that’s amazing! You must be really good at Sketchup. How long did it take you to get this good and do you have any previous CAD experience?


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Well, I’ve been using SketchUp for 20 years but getting to the point of modeling something like this shouldn’t take anywhere near that long. My previous CAD experience was a long time ago with a program called Anvil 2K. It was a 2D CAD program that ran in DOS. Quite good once you got used to it but nothing like working in SketchUp. If you’re extremely bored, click on my name and go to my forum profile. There’s a link to an album with images of a few of my SketchUp models.

I’ll send you the .skp file in a PM so you can poke at it and see how it’s made.

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Dave how do extract the compound mitre angles for the sloping outward and narrowing to the base sides? Is it a case of using the protractor, or something else?

In the web-based versions you can use the Protractor tool to measure the angles. In SketchUp Pro you can dimension the angles in LayOut or use an extension like Angular Dimension 2.