Sketchup To Cura Issues

2 stairs213.skp (446.7 KB)
5.0 faces sorted.stl (675.7 KB)
Hi, I have been working on this for days, trying to get it “watertight” for cura to 3D print, I have tried everything, please help! Its only the first part of a dolls house I want to 3D print for my Nan of her old house for Christmas and I am running out of time! haha, TiA

Hi @Lionface Thanks for the post. For the sake of time and to help you get ready for Christmas, I was happy to take a look at your file and get it cleaned up. I’ll attach it to this post so you can just grab that one and start printing it out in whatever scale or material you want. I’ll include 2 versions, one with a floor and one without a floor so you can choose whatever works best for you and your plans.

2 stairs213 Without Floor.skp (384.3 KB)
2 stairs213.skp (379.3 KB)

In the future though, there are a few extensions that might help you. The extensions are Cleanup and Solid Inspector and can be found on the extension warehouse in the Pro version of SketchUp. I personally can’t imagine trying to print some of my models without them.

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Oh Gosh wow, thats so kind of you thank you! Where did I go so wrong then matey? Legend

Hi @Lionface, I am always happy to help out. Your model was really well done, so it only took me a few minutes to track down the two issues with it. The first issue was the ground plane as it was a 2D object, it was not going to be printable. It also had a small error in the staircase where a line was connected in a way that might cause issues too but other than that it was set really well.

I also have to say that the fact that you modeled it at a 1:1 scale was extremely helpful as the solid inspector was able to highlight the errors right away and the scale made them east to locate.

Dude, you helped me so much! The prints have been great! Some shifting in high levels but that’s just a fan adjustment! Sketch up has been one 60 hour long learning curve but when I keep using the tools you suggested every ten mins I end up with “ all shiny”!

Thanks dude!

I am thrilled to hear that things are working well for you! As always, please feel free to message me anytime and I’ll do my best to get back to you as. soon as I can. I love to see people doing fun projects in SketchUp and hope you continue to learn and improve your skills. I also hope your printing goes well when the time comes and that you consider sharing some pictures once it has finished.

Some shotty pictures!

The roof is giving me such a trouble tho as it’s all slanted and I have to kind of build part of the roof is not the third floor if that makes sense but it’s making me cry! I’ll send a photo and the stl over haha, the outer walls can’t be changed because they fit with the rest

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Heres what I have to work with for the roof, and how far Ive got! I have ADHD so I find it so hard haha.

topbasicsagainroofagain.skp (167 KB)


pps, the top lvl photo of the plans doesnt take into account the slant of the roof, the rear harden top windows are four, the left one is actually the bathroom then a wall then the other 3 in my parents room. We had very slanty roofs in our bedrooms haha. the pars missing from the exterior are either eves, crawl spaces, I cant remember how the sides of the top of the house looked!

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