Desperate help with Stairs

I have two sets of stairs that I’m trying to use a wall to follow it. In each corner it is curved and on the out side its square. I just need the wall to be cut 36" above the stairs but the curve it giving me problems. Also I need the underside of the stair filled in.

Any help you give would be great.

Stairs.skp (285.9 KB)

Thank you,


an idea: mod_stairs.skp (465.8 KB) (metric)

You can use FredoTools > CurviShear (for wall) plus Curviloft (for undeside)

Or you could also use ShapeBender.

Thank you, I’m going to look into those plug ins.

Would you mid doing the underside of the other stair too? that would be a big help.

I got it, thanks for all your help!!


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