Need help converting SKP to 3D Cura

Hi! I am a massive noob to sketchup and 3d printing but wanting to make a basic base of my old family house first floor. I have attached the Sketchup file but I keep getting the “water tight” error when i export to STL! Any help greatly appreciated, again I started modelling today! Is there a repair tool? I tried online ones but it messes with the build.
fairlie2.1.skp (391.0 KB)
Fairlie2.0.skp (384.3 KB)

Share the .skp file instead of the .stl.

What operating system are you using? What graphics card. Please correct that information in your forum profile.

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Thank you! I keep making that mistake.

There’s no way that your model can be 3D printable as it is. The walls have no thickness and there are massive holes in the top.

Faces in SketchUp have no thickness. In order for your model to be considered manifold and 3D printable every edge in the model must be shared by exactly two faces. No fewer and no more.

Draw the floor plan properly with the walls having width. Then pull them up with Push/Pull. If you want a floor in your 3D printed model, draw the footprint of the house and extrude it to give it thickness. Then draw the floor plan and extrude the walls up to the required height.

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Thanks so much for the speedy and comprehensive reply. My plan is to make a Dolls house eventually for my Nan of her house. I am going from photos of the plans and memory. Will following your instructions produce a "Vase mode model like I have made it in Sketchup? Thanks again for your Help!

Ps @DaveR are you by any chance offering services like on fiver :sweat_smile: I’d just like instructions to have for the whole project and happy to pay if you do that sort of thing and it’s with the ToC of this forum!

Thanks. I do online instruction if that’s what you are asking about. I don’t work through a service like fiver, though. I would suggest before you pay anyone for instruction that you first go throough the Fundamentals at and watch the Square One videos on the SketchUp You Tube channel.

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Thanks again Dave. I have a degree in physical special effects but that was all handmade, this new tech is scary! Haha. I also have some issues with instructions but do my best. Thanks again for your time. Hope you have a great week