SketchUp and Cura for 3D printing


I created this simple model of Forklift as a toy for my cousin in SketchUp, made it component and exported as an stl. file for my slicing software (Cura). I want to 3D print it. When I look at model in Cura, there are a lot of holes. I have been using SketchUp for some time now, but I still consider myself a novice. I was trying to fix model myself, but I haven’t found anything. Could you help me please, so I wouldn’t make the same mistake in future?

There is the original model:

Forklift.skp (5.4 MB)

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That is a big’un to print - about 80 hours by my estimation. I suggest you break it down and maybe invert the top as a separate piece to avoid a massive amount of support material (This is assuming of course that you’re printing fdm at the size built.) You had quite a few issues - which are almost inevitable with the way your curves appear to be constructed. Nice looking fork lift though! I have repaired your file. Forklift_stl.stl (4.7 MB) I used Solid Inspector to check the drawing, then Make Printable to repair it - as there was way too much to do manually.

Thank you very much. Could you also upload skp file for me?

Just so you know, you can drag and drop .stl files into Sketchup Web.

Thanks, I am using sketchup 2018 and I wonder if there is any plugin like makeprintable for my version.

You need to correct your profile information. You get very different answers for SU web than you do for desktop.
I’ve never used Make Printable but why would you think it doesn’t work with 2018.

Because it does not. :smiley:

According to the extension’s page in the EWH, the latest version it is compatible with is 2017.

You should be able to make the model printable without any extensions but using Solid Inspector, Solid Solver, and CleanUp3 would help speed up the process.

Thank you for advice but I prefer to install sketchup 2017 as well.

There is a makeprintable plugin for cura, if you really just want corrections done for you.

I dismantled your fork lift and laid the bits flat on the bed. Print time reduced by almost 30 hours and saved a bit of filament. The wheels will print better laid flat as well. Didn’t do it to be finished - you can decide how you want it, and add joining points as needed.

Make Printable is a regular part of my work flow, as a model can be fixed at very small time cost to me. I upload a file, go on to other work, and get notified when the file is fixed. Clean up 3 can take a considerable time to repair some issues. I don’t use a plug in, but export an stl, as this is the format for the job in any case.