Need help making my model watertight in time for Xmas!

Need help making my model watertight in time for Xmas! This is my Nans old house that I have made as a modular “dolls house” I only have images and memory to go from, I have succesfully printed the first two floors but the third floor and roof cap are proving beyond my novice capabilities, I have attached all files if anyone can advice how to make them all line up, I have spent about 50 hours on this project so far. She really means alot to me and I wanted to show her how much she means to me!

I have succesfully printed the first two layers but nothing is as alligned etc as I would like, thanks for any help!

2 stairs213aftercleaup.skp (153.9 KB)
alligned with bottom.skp (285.2 KB)
top alligned with roof roof done.skp (438.2 KB)
ON ITS OWN ROOF.skp (431.3 KB)

I looked at the first one. There’s an internal face behind the small fireplace that needs to be deleted. And you have a place on one of the stairs where you’ve created a zero thickness situation. It couldn’t be this way in reality and it won’t work for 3D printing.
Screenshot - 12_16_2023 , 10_14_08 AM

I pulled the ceiling underneath the landing down a little and deleted the resulting internal face.

Use section cuts to help you find these issues.

I’ll look at the "alligned with bottom.skp file. You do the other two.

If you are going to be doing more of this you’ll need to learn how to understand and manually find these issues. That will help you avoid creating them in the first place, too. You might also consider getting a subscription to SketchUp Go so you can have access to Solid Inspector.

Edit to add: There’s nothing wrong with the second file. I selected alll of the geometry and made a component. It shows as a solid component. I did purge some unused stuff from the file.

SketchUp files removed.

Hi, Thanks a bunch for the information, I have sketchup Pro and inspector but the roof just really got to me, I am complete novice and wanted to do something for Nan but I have huge respect for anyone who works with this program. I have the first 2 floors printed but the roof is so awkward considering I dont have accurate information to work from. thanks again

Your profile says you are using “Free Plan”. In fact, your profile needs help. You have not put the correct information in it. Please fix it. Which version of SketchUp Pro are you using?

The roof is really quite strange. Among other things it has the same issue you have with the stairs. I don’t even know for sure what parts of the roof are correct but you do seem to have a lot of weird geometry in it.

Yes, I am very new to all of it, Ill get the profile sorted as soon as I can. Sorry for the bother and thanks for the advice.

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At least tell us which version of SketchUp and operating system you are using.

Sorry I feel like I have done something wrong and will be deleting post.

What did you do wrong?

Dave is asking these questions because depending on your answers, there might be solutions to apply.

your profile mentioned free plan so Dave gave a free plan answer. but then you have su Pro (even a trial), so the answers will be different, because you have access to extensions. and SU21, 22 or 23 might have slightly different tools too
and then, you say your operating system is free, but no, it’s mac or pc, windows 10, 11 or mac os 12, 13… because once more, depending on the answer, there might be different tools.


Thanks for explaining when I’m home I will check. I definitely think I have “cross contamination of files”

I’ve fixed the files and all been printed fine, thanks for your help everyone!

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Good. Please fix your forum profile so it makes sense.

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we don’t. that’s counter productive, as they can help future members. you can pick the post from Dave that helped you, and mark it as solution, next to the heart.

well, considering it’s been 2 days, and you haven’t corrected your profile, despite Dave asking and me explaining the goal of a good profile, I understand his frustration.

Yes but you fail to understand that everyone isn’t the same. I have incredible learning difficulties. I have sat and tried to update my profile but the website is not user friendly for my type of personality.

I regret that you felt the need to address this in this way.

SketchUp seems to be only welcomed but professionals at work and this is the reason I will no longer use platform considering the hostility of the forums.

All the best.


You have not consider my parameters so why should I acknowledge yours? I have tried to update my profile but the website is not user friendly for the mentally challenged. I welcome your response.

You are being hostile.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, there are countless hobbyists who come here with questions and receive great help. Yourself included…
Everyone is welcome here but you have to understand that it is difficult to help someone who doesn’t provide the right information we need in order to give them the right answers.
@ateliernab also explained this to you and he also gave you a link to a description on how to adjust your forum profile.
If you are still struggling with this, just tell us and we’ll try to assist more or maybe in another way.
Don’t feel misunderstood, there’s no reason for that.
It’s probably the way forums work thats getting in your way, it’s not the same as having someone on the phone or having a real life conversation…

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I have tried considering and following your advice. I don’t I am the sort of person that belongs on this website and I am actively trying to delete my account, if on it I could find how.

I didn’t use any advice given, I just deleted it all and started again. It’s finished but I don’t think sharing how I did it would be the right way. Once again I am sorry for wasting your time and I am actively trying to delete my threads and account, it says I don’t have permission.

Thanks for trying to help Dave, I ended up deleting both top layers and restarting. I realise that tone gets lost over text and my brain just can’t make sense of how this forum works. Sorry for wasting your time. I am trying to delete this account and my threads to avoid any more disappointment.