Feedback Request for Beginner Project


HELLO: I’ve been puttering away in SketchUp and finding that my older computer needed to be updated for one thing.
I found some of the Tools frustrating until I read some in my books, viewed Tutorials & Vids.
But, I persisted and wondered if someone would give me feedback on this project (file attached).
I know for one thing after seeing it in a very large view is that I did not get every shelf support attached to the corner posts.

But, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! JayGee

Rack_For_Veggies_&_Canning_Jars.skp (243.8 KB)


Not bad to start. I see a few issues and some things you can do better.

The top box, for example, is a nested component containing four side components and some loose geometry for the bottom. The bottom should be a component, too…

Zoom in and look close at that box. The front of the box floats above the bottom a little and the top edge of the component at the back is below the sides a little.

the right sides of the small drawers are inside the leg.

And the "leg rails are floating–not in contact with the legs.


DaveR: Thanks! I’ll go back and check those items out and fix them there just for the experience. However, I also intend to start this over in another file making everything “right” and see what I can do about adding screw holes in the bin supports and bin bottom slats as well. I also want to put “Xs” on the outside of the sides and back to make a more solid rack.

Thanks, again!


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