Streamlined Couch Frame with Wool Rug

My first try with a new extension called Clothworks.


When I saw your model, I looked up the Clothworks plugin. It’s quite a piece of work and looks as if it’s pretty easy to use.
Nice work on the draped cloth, by the way.

Impressive Dave. Is that rendered in SU?

It is indeed easy to use. The texture was applied before draping and it got it right, too.

And thank you.

Thanks. Yes, as always, Kerkythea. I didn’t spend much time setting this one up and let the floor and wall blow out.

Great result Dave. Will have to check out Clothworks — looks impressive.

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More play with ClothWorks.


I’m liking the look of this!!

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Oh it’s out at last, feels like I’ve been waiting years for release, I know what I’ll be doing next week!

OK, yep. Sold!

Do you think Clothworks could drape a texture on a tufted pillow or a Chesterfield sofa?

I don’t know. You might be able to do it but I expect other tools like artisan or vertex tools would be better for that.

Yes no problem. Just make the couch the collision object and a square face the cloth and let it run.
There are quite a few setting but you do not need many to get a nice result.
Have a try!

This took 5 minutes.
Chesterfield from the 3d Warehouse.
render with Twilight render

I think you might find that @davidheim1 was musing on the concept of using clothworks to drape a patterned texture over the whole surface to become the actual upholstery rather than just throwing a blanket on it.


That is a different matter…
I don"t think that is easy…

Could be done with a pattern of pins which ‘hold the cloth. Then turn around
Kinda like the way Gaudi designed the Sagrada:


Yeah, good point, with the moving pins you can button it all down, at the buttons.

I love this plugin. I’ve just been playing with it for a few minutes. I got one result that seems a bit odd to me.

The cloth is sticking out a lot at the corner. A table cloth wouldn’t do that. I’m wondering what settings should change?

Does anybody know the meaning of these settings?ClothWorksQuestion02
and the units? For example: thickness? This images is for the preset for cotton. It can’t be 15", or 15mm?

A specific one or all of them @huckrorick ?