A Little Morning Play Time


First time I ever made a fort in SketchUp. :smiley: Just testing that my Clothworks license works in SU2019.


Have you had the opportunity to use Clothworks for clients?


Not much. Very little of what I wind up modeling for my clients has any upholstery or anything.

There was this one guy, though…

:smiley: :smiley:


Client did not pay?


I ain’t sayin. :smiley:


I guess I get a little frustrated / disappointed having all these amazing gravity defying extensions with few practical applications for them.


Understood. One of my clients for whom I did a lot of bespoke furniture design retired about a year ago. We did a lot of beds. It would have been nice to have Clothworks for those projects to be able to more easily show the client how the bed would look all made up with a duvet and sheets on it. (Or how it might look in the morning after a wild night.)

Or maybe in this case, “gravity obeying”.