I Need the Perfect Bed

I have this perfect bed that I want. The person helping me says that the bed will not look right in my room. I disagree. I am a beginner and not good enough to do my own model yet. If someone thinks they can produce this model for me (I have all the size and look information), I would be so grateful. I don’t know if we can offer payment on this site, but what ever is allowed, I can do. Please contact me if you are interested in trying this project for me.

Thank you

I specialize in modeling furniture in SketchUp. Send me something to look at and I’ll see if I’m interested in taking on the the job.

Thank you so much for responding! I am so new that I don’t know how to do anything yet. But I really want this bed. I am attaching the specs that I got off line. Please let me know if you have any questions. I also have a fabric swatch but it won’t let me attach but one picture. If you have any other questions or concerns, I can be reached at the email below.

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How will you use the SketchUp model of this bed once you have it? What kind of time frame are you thinking of?

It is for a school project. I am studying interior design. I just need it before the semester is up in November.


You should probably know that most people here are opposed to doing other’s school work for them.

On the plus side, this would not be too difficult of a model for you to create yourself. Given that you have until November, I would say that is plenty of time to learn SketchUp!


I agree with Aaron. If the bed is part of your school work, it’s not a good idea to ask others to do it. If the school work isn’t about modeling the bed but is rather about doing interior design, maybe it’s not a problem. There is time for you to learn to model it yourself.

Calm down everyone! The project is not to make a sketch up model of an item. The project is to model a bedroom. I just want that bed. There are plenty of other beds, but that is the one I like the best.

I have three classes this semester and I work full time. There really is NOT time for me to learn sketchup before it is due. I am in an interior design class. We do not make the furniture, we design the room. So I do what I do best, design the room, and I let others do what they do best. A person with limited time leans to know what they should take on and what they should not. I do want to learn to use sketchup because then I can put anything I want in any of my designs. But it will have to be when my work and school load is not so full. Besides, there is no way I would risk my scholarship by doing something that the school might look upon as unethical. The task is the room, not what models I put in the room.

Good evening,

I contact you awhile back about a bed that I wanted to have made in sketch up. You said that you were working on a project and would get back to me once you were done. I had to turn in my project with a different bed (and I did very well), but I still want that bed for maybe future projects. are you still available to help me?