A Couple of Beds

Here’s one from today. On the left, a day bed designed by René Gabriel later part of the 1940s. On the right, a modification of the bed to accept a proper mattress. Someone is too lazy to make the bed. :roll_eyes:


Nice — a very clean design. I assume the sheet was done with ClothWorks?

Thanks. And yes to Clothworks.

Great job as usual. They certainly look sturdy.

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What’s the use of sharing if no one is going to make the bed? :thinking:

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The person who was to make the bed is spending too much time on the “day” bed perhaps!

Nice models!

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I love that wooden texture. Looks real.

Thanks. I guess the texture should look real since I’m using photographs of real boards. In this case the boards are about 9 feet long. (I used a pine texture for the slats which don’t show here that is 12 feet long and over 20 inches wide. What a cool board that was.)

I modeled my own bed a while back, and stopped. Dressing it with sheets, pillows and blankets is my next goal. This is prodding me to dive into Clothworks and whatever else. Soap bubble?

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Soap bubble could be a good option for the pillows. I decided to skip them for this one.

Would you share those? They look great.

Thank you sir. I don’t generally share my models. Let me think about it.

Never mind, Dave. I just thought they would look great in one of my projects.

That’s understandable.

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I guess going from day bed to a king size bed can be done using the Curic Stretch Extension at a glance.

I suppose it could be. I just used native tools because that’s easy enough.