Sunday fun

Something to share, was playing with textures and with Solid Tools for the joinery and legs. Happy New Years All !!!


Nice work on that desk. Did you just work from the article?

I did the plans for it a few months back.

I took them up on their " Unlimited" special offer for the year, my Christmas present to me. Cheaper and more pleasurable then Netflix…!!

, your handy work…??

It is great to have a guide and dimensions for scale and prospective. I take a lot of liberties though…and you should. Getting textures to come through is my latest challange


That’s not directly my handiwork although my SketchUp model was used by the artist, John Hartman IIRC, for the layout in the article.

I noticed you did take a few liberties. I don’t get that option when I do those models. :wink:

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Have a Happy and promise filled New Years to come. Looking forward to what it has to offer.


Thankee, sir. And the same to you.

I flattened the center 2/3`rds of the stretchers and it gives the effect of a worn wooden ladder rungs. And give a slight arrow head look were they join the legs. Easy to create in shop with a belt sander…

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Awesome! (model and the finished piece)