My Gallery Biscuit


My take on a project by Tim Killen of Fine Wood Workings site. The modeling as far as a work flow is getting a lot quicker …now Textures and Materials and Rendering. There is a model copy in the warehouse and shared as I think DaveR would peek at it. First try at doing a 3D image of the pull handle…that was cool!!
Back to work…Peace…P.S. Thanks DaveR!!

Creole Table1.skp (427.3 KB)


You’re right. I did want to take a look at your model. :wink:

It turned out pretty good. I only found a couple of nits. The drawer pull is off center by a little more than 1/4 in. Nice work on making that pull and keeping it simple, though. and I was happy to find you put the insertion point in a useful place.

There are a few unneeded line segments on the trim around the legs just below the aprons.

And I know we can all use more storage space but you’re stretching it a bit. The drawer back is inside the rear apron. :smiley:

You’ll want to add kickers on top of the drawer or it will drop way down as you pull it out.

Keep up the good work. I hope you’ll show more of your models.



I was rushing it a bit and is no excuse, I did notice the extra four lines on the leg details and said that would be the (one of !!) first things spotted. The drawer pull I did not catch. I did have it square but had the axes point lower and on the center of the handle. It was snapping to far into the face, so I missed that or bumped it when I re-located the axes up and back a mm. On further review not only is the draw in the apron, I had two instances of it. Plus I never cleared the face for the groove on the draw back for the draw bottom… I changed the depth of the miters, as he had used 1" and that caused them to merge inside at the center of the leg. So I used 3/4" and I guest that is where the difference ended up!! He did not include top/drawer kickers either and I did stare at it thinking something was missing. I do appreciate the overview and need to double check my double checking!!! Thanks and …Peace…