Tools for the Shop

These are some tools I modeled for a client. They were used in illustrations showing them in use.


Nice. What does the little cut out at the end of the foot on the square do?

And did you have to draw the angle lines on the triangles from scratch/

Thanks. The cutout prevents the 0 from being covered by the bar.

@davidheim1, yes, most of them, anyway. I had CAD files but they weren’t well-drawn so I only used them for reference. Fortuntely the majority of them are either in a radial array or a linear array so that wasn’t really all the hard.

@DaveR - Interesting optical illusion in your rendering: to my eye the shadows of the triangles look like they should come from ones oriented the opposite way!

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I wondered who would notice that first. :smiley: Good catch. They are correct, though. You can tell by the notch at the lower left and the holes running up the vertical side.

These are great, Dave- looks like just what I need for my latest project. I acquired a Powermatic 66 table saw and I’m rehabbing it. I think I’ll need both of these tools to get the alignment right…

Cool deal, John. You could indeed use those for setting up the saw. If you want, I’ll send you a link to the source. There’s another device with basically the same dial indicator I show that might be more useful for setting up your saw.

And thank you.