A Round Side Table from the Early 1960's

Quickie model for a guy who wants to build one.

I haven’t had to model stopped chamfers like these for a long time. Had to think about how to do them. Curves are Bezier curves so done with FredoSpline. The stopped chamfers are all native tools, though.


Nice :+1:

Thank you.

Go on, don’t leave us hanging… what’s your native stopped chamfer method for the legs there? Subtractive by intersecting a cutting die? Follow me for the spine profile and stitch up the ends manually? I’ve learned many a tricky trick from your methods.

Sorry. didn’t mean to leave you hanging. Basically the subtractive thing. I modeled what amounts to the volume of space a router cutter would pass through as it traverses along the edge. Then I used Subtract. I did use Subtract from Eneroth Solid Tools to maintain the component-ness of the parts but it could have been done with Subtract from the Native Solid tools. Could also have been done with Intersect Faces and a bunch of erasure.

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