Two n00b questions that I cannot find or figure out

Hey Guys. New user, but I’ve been pretty diligent so far. This is the first thing I can’t figure out and I’m on my 7th model (furniture). The accent/bevel on the corner of this 4x4 bench leg, it seems super simple but it just isn’t. I drew the profile of the line I wanted and rotated it 45 degrees so it was inside the leg. I then drew a circle that was twice the size of the depth I wanted to cut out and used the follow me tool. When it was in the leg, it just didn’t know what to do and created some very interesting shapes. So I eventually moved the path I drew out of the leg and used follow me to create a tube that curved up at the ends. I moved that tube into the leg and trimmed. There HAS to be an easier way to do that.

Which leads me to my second question. Is there a way to grab onto the bounding box of a non-squared object? i.e when I put a router edge on a table top, I can no longer grab the bounding box to move it. I would like to. Thanks in advance!!

There are a few ways to create the stopped chamfer. One is shown in the video, here although with a slightly fancier end.

Another option is to model the space the cutter would take to make that cut, intersect it with the leg and then erase the unneeded geometry.

To your second question, it can be done in SketchUp 2020 now. In 2019 and earlier, I would use ThomThom’s Draw Bounding Box to add a box of guides with guide points at the corners to give me something to grab temporarily.

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Awesome, thanks for the quick response!

I never thought about just modeling a plane and intersecting it. But, that’s what this is all about.