Chamfer cut after follow me rotated arc cut

This is the end of a leg that will meet some aprons. I used arc and follow me and rotated it to cut out two sides for the majority of the length of the leg. I attempted to cut out a chamfer all the way down the original corner for a kerf mount corner bracket but there’s this bit leftover that I can’t seem to remove. I was wondering if there were some ideas available to solve this. I’m new to SketchUp. I’ve tried removing an intersection between components but that didn’t work.

1000 appreciations.

Get the Push/Pull tool again and hit Ctrl. Push that triangle down a bit past the cove. Then get Select, select all of the geometry, right click on it and choose Intersect Faces>With selected. Finall, erase everything that isn’t the leg and correct any reversed faces.

FWIW, the next time you need to do this sort of thing, hit Ctrl before the first Push/Pull and push all the way down. Then proceed as above.


Incredibly speedy. I appreciate the help!

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