Help with curved edge not lining up with plane

Hey guys, I am having a hard time getting my round edge to go around an arc properly. So far, I used the “follow me” tool and it works great but I end up with one side that stick out past the rest. Is there a way I can cut the end off flush? Sorry, my lingo might be hard to understand. Photo attached.


Do it square, use the arc tool to do it and use the push tool

It looks to me like the surface you’re using Follow-me along is slanted. If it’s supposed to be, you can cut the end part off using the Right-click>Intersect faces>With model command. If that is not supposed to be sloping, you should do some cleaning up in your model before you use Follow-me.

Sorry, just noticed that you said you are using it along an arc. Then just use the intersect method I mentioned above, and delete all the geometry you don’t want.

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I sort of replicated the situation in this gif.


That’s awesome! worked like a charm! Thanks!!

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Use the correct tool, as noted above. Follow me , post your model if you think you are doing it correctly unless you like doing the extra steps.

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One more question for you guys. How would you go about filling in the surfaces between the arcs?

I believe there are plugins that will help you here (Curviloft perhaps), but I’m not familiar with plugins, so I’ll let somebody else speak to that.

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pls post your model!!!,
It makes it much easier and less time consuming for the folks trying to help unless you think that is not important.?
Many times there are several ways to solve a problem and the sages will try and give you the most efficient solution but you need to be willing also.

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Thanks guys, the skin mode in curviloft did the trick. You guys rock!

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