How on follow me tool?

Hi, I need help or advice how to work with follow me tool. Now i am trying for hour and half to model this thing:

Basicly i am trying to put 1. along the 2 straight to the bottom, But if i do it, strange things start to happen.

Like this

And this isn´t perpendicular. I tryied to install some extensions, but it still won´t work…
Will you help me please?
dum.skp (351.8 KB)


dum.skp (368.6 KB)


I used curviloft extension by fredo6 available THERE

You can also use native tools by intersecting a sphere with 3 planes

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It’s important to understand how follow me works, the profile will begin and end perpendicular to the path.
But an arc doesn’t begin and end perpendicular to its ends, this causes the issue you are fighting with. It is often easiest to just make a sphere, turn on hidden geometry and delete the parts you don’t need.
But here is a little demo showing how by rotating a circle by half a segment you can create an arc that will do the job for you.


This is what I meant about making a sphere and deleting the other bits.

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That is the difference between SketchUp FollowMe geometry and “real” geometry. The FollowMe tool works in relation to the segments of the arch or other path. In Euclidean geometry a radius of a circle is at 90° to the circumference, but in SketchUp operations are carried out on the “placeholder” segmented geometry.

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Draw a sphere then delete 7/8 of it. What is left is what you want.