Understanding Follow me tool

I am a veteran user and must be loosing it. I am trying to do a simple quarter circle on something and keep getting results not square. My axes are true but when I select the quarter circle path it comes out wrong and not true to axes any more. I created everything making sure it was square with the rectangle tool. I know this must be basic Sketchup 101 but I am not getting what I am doing wrong. Thanks.

q-circle.skp (558.2 KB)

The Follow Me tool requires that the first segment of the path is perpendicular to the profile and the end face of the extrusion will be perpendicular to the last segment in the path. When you use the Arc tool to draw an arc, the end segments aren’t perpendicular to the radius of the arc. You can see that more clearly when you use fewer sides for the arc.

The easy solution is to use a circle and rotate it so that edges are parallel to the axes. Then divide the edges at the midpoints so the first and last segments will be perpendicular to the profile.

Here I’ve drawn a circle, rotated it so that sides are parallel to axes as shown.

After that Follow Me does what you want it to do.

Note that if you set up the profile so it is not perpendicular to the first path segment SketchUp doesn’t rotate the profile. It projects it to perpendicular. Usually it’s not that critical but it does result in the shape being changed.

I just played around with the circle command because it seems that the geometry of rotating a circle will only work with a certain multiple of segments in order to have two segments perpendicular to each other. My finding seem to indicate that the circle has to have a multiple of segments divisible by 4. Would you agree?

The multiple of 4 makes sense because it all comes down to a square with four sides on the axis doesn’t it?

Yes. It would need to be divisible by 4. Best practice is to use a number divisible by 12 so that it is divisible by 2, 3, and 4.

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Another reason to keep the Imperial measuring scale over the Metric! HA!


The division would be different then?

Yes, 1/4 is different in metric! :crazy_face: