Problems making a quarter circle and using the follow me tool

To the point.

Im drawing a proposal for a skate ramp (bowl).
My problem comes when I have to make the corners
Here is some info.
I start to drew a circle that has a diameter of 1.9m
I divide this into 4 equal pieces and i cut out one of these pieces and rotate it to the vertical position and i place it on the blue line, then I take the same pice and delete all of the graphics and to lines and leave the outer circle line, then i put them together whit the one mentioned earlier. when this is done I use the follow me tool. easy and iv have done this 100 times before and tends to work perfectly.

The problem I have now is that I do not get a 90 degree piece, so what am I doing wrong ??

Do not know if this gives you any understanding of the problem!
But any help is welcome

info dimensjons
the quater is goning to be 1.9m and 1.6m if it helps

Make sure the first segment of the path is in the direction you want the extrusion to start and that the cross-section profile is perpendicular to it.

It is sometimes simplest to create a full 360 degree circular object (in which special case the Follow Me function does not need the initial profile face to be perpendicular to any of the circle’s edge segments), and then chop the object into the desired sector of the circle.

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Note @slbaumgartner’s point about the profile and path being perpendicular. This is an important thing to understand about Follow Me. The profile must be perpendicular to the first segment of the path and the extrusion will end perpendicular to the last segment in the path. If you set up the profile so it isn’t perpendicular to the first segment in the path, Follow Me will project (not rotate) the profile to perpendicular which changes the shape of the profile.

Note in your setup the end segments of your arc are not perpendicular to the axis lines. Follow Me is doing exactly what it is supposed to do although not what you are hoping for.

You can do as @TDahl indicates by making afull dome and the removing what you don’t want. Another option would be to start with a circle for the path and then rotate it so that sides cross the axis lines perpendicularly. Then remove all but the quarter of that circle and add your profile.

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This problem seems to occur even if the start of the profile is perpendicular to the path. It’s almost as if the angle of the first segment of the curve conflicts with what came before it, so SketchUp does its best to compromise and we get these weird little “pinched” corners.

It’s a little hard to see in the next two screenshots, but what’s happening is there’s an overlap but no intersect between the faces. Like I said, this creates a “pinched” corner making what should be a square a kind of dodecagon.

In the end, the best solution seems to be, as the others suggest, to make a sphere or dome of the right size (radius, segment numbers, etc.), chop off the excess, and then use the move and duplicate tool like it’s your best friend.

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for your interest.

I am a self-taught skethup user so it is mentioned.

Here are some questions …

  1. So what will be the best / right way for me now to create this corner, which will eventually become a component that I reuse
    does anyone have a link to youtube where the topic is mentioned?

2, The ramp will have different heights, main height is 1.6m and up to 2m in one of the corners and possibly lower as well

so my question is can i make the segment remain at a point at the bottom and to grow to the different heights while preserving the arc radius and use the Fallow Me tool ??

the way I solve it is to make the whole ramp first in 1.6m then make separate elements / componet that I put on where I want the height higher and makes a transition manually (you can si it in the piture below)

Thanks for the help and again the interest so far

Here you see the one I have already made which is 1.5m with an arc radius of 1.9, but we agreed that the height had to be 1.6 and I suddenly had problems making a simple corner.

Another approach to this … Change the profile shape ( see attached drawing ). Create a floor level inner “follow me” path and give a small radius to those square corners . You don’t end up with the weird overlaps. The center model in the image is after running “follow me” . Don’t get carried away with too high a segment count on the radius corners or you can run into “small face” issues. I used 12 segments in my example. The resulting group is a solid. You are grouping your profile aren’t you ? You can easily fill in and add thickness to the floor afterwards if so desired. The model on the far right I just erased the outer walls so it looks like the examples you were posting.
To answer one question in your last post… You can’t change the height of the wall like your asking while using the follow me tool. If you can post an image to better clarify what result you want on the height changes it will be easier to figure out the best approach.

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Click in sequence on the Scenes tabs of this SU file for a few ideas.

Curved corner for a skate ramp.skp (233.7 KB)