Making a quarter sphere with FollowMe tool adds extra in 2 dimensions (see pics)


I have repeated this procedure several times to ensure I am not making a mistake re planes. I am trying to make a quarter sphere. I draw two half cirlces, one inside the other. I connect their ends to make a solid 2d ‘U’ shape. I measure and place in an arc for the shape to follow. When I conduct the follow me procedure the shape appears but there are additional parts added.

The top of the image shows pre follow me and the lower part of the image shows the result, with the small steps shown at the base.

Please advise on how to get a right angle without the step effect.

Many thanks

Follow me requires the first segment in the path to be perpendicular to the profile. And the extrusion will end perpendicular to the last segment in the path. You could make an entire sphere and cut it or draw a circle for the path, rotate it so a side is perpendicular to the profile and divide the circle at the midpoints of the edges.

It’s also useful to know that when the first segment in the path isn’t perpendicular to the profile, the profile gets projected to perpendicular, not rotated.

Many thanks for your reply. The images you provided are very useful, I will try to implement your suggestions.

Thanks again

See my edit to my previous post.

What you are seeing in your example is the intended behavior for Follow Me. Extrude the profile face in the direction of the path. It’s just that your path and profile setup don’t yield the result you want.

More on the way Follow Me works.

Here’s a simple example. Both of the extrusions in the background started with a 12’ square and the path as shown in the foreground. The one on the left shows how the profile gets projected to be square with the first segment in the path and the width changes because of it. With the correct setup on the right, the dimensions of the profile aren’t changed.

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