Problem with Follow me function on a curve

I’m trying to replicate a molding to put on a door. I’ve been able to design a “profile” of the molding but I’m having trouble using the Follow Me tool to make a curved molding. It works fine when I do a straight Push/Pull of my profile or when I use the Follow me on a straight line but I ended up with part missing when I try to follow me on a circle.

I’ve put an example in attachment.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you
profile 2.skp (601.0 KB)

Also consider the segment count of the arcs in your profile, which contribute to a lot of superfluous geo. Your original with no edits, merely scaled up 10x so that Follow Me doesn’t break anything:

You can easily tweak around with different segment counts by selecting individual arcs and going to Entity Info

Also be aware, when using follow-me with arcs, the arc tools will not provide you a perpendicular starting segment by default. Your path is a prime example. This causes Follow Me to “move” your starting face, producing a non-square face which is not adequate to, for example, rotate-copying 90° x3 to make a circle.

SketchUp Skill Builder: Follow Me Arc

Many thanks for those great and detailed explanations/suggestions.
The internet is for sure a better place with people such as you!


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