Follow me tool difficulties, need some help :)

Hi folks, i am having a few issues trying to get a molding to follow a path? I created a molding profile I want and the path I want it to follow. I tried using the profile extension as well and cannot seem to get it to work? I have attached a pic of the profile I created as well as the profile I want it to follow. I know in sketchup that tight curves can sometimes be a problem and you have to scale up the whole thing to get it to work? I tried that and still not working? I know its just me, but hope someone can lend me a hand? :slight_smile:
thanks alot!


How about uploading the SKP file?

First thought would be to change the path to define the inside edge of the molding, not the outside.

Haley bed panel for Dave.skp (12.5 MB) Thanks Dave, please see attached. :slight_smile:

OK. I offset the edges inward by the 3 in., the width of the molding.

Then run Follow Me using the inner edges and correct the face orientation if needed.

Actually, playing with this one the offset to the inside isn’t as important as it could be with some models but often it’s a good idea to consider where the path is.

I would simplify the curves. The number of segments for them is rather excessive.

If you don’t offset the path, the top curve of the path causes issues with ‘Follow Me’.
Offsetting the path inward reduces the number of segments in the curve from 60 to 42. But more importantly, by doing so it increases the agle between top curve and top edge, making it less complex for the ‘Follow Me’ tool to work correctly. Both paths are not the same.

I agree with @DaveR that you should simplify the path (and the profile) by reducing the number of segments. The issue with why it is necessary to change the top angle of the path is less clear.

added: offsetting the path inward eliminates this strange horn at the top of the original path.
Without this peak ‘Follow Me’ should work even with the original path. Lets try.

added: Not quite, but better than before with the original but corrected path:

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I didn’t catch the little horns that @g.h.hubers shows. I ended up redrawing your path and profile to simplify the curves. How did you draw that path to wind up with those points at the corners?

The other thing is the cove on your profile appears to cut just a little deep. In the shop that would be a difficult thing to deal with. It would create a point along the miter line which wouldn’t look very good. It would also be difficult to keep the point looking nice if you have to sand the molding after assembly.

You’d generally get a better look if you prevent the curve from overshooting a line extended from the corner.

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Quel beau mot!

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You guys are the BEST!!! Thank you!