Help with Follow me

I’m trying to get a particular molding to deform along a certain path.
I have the general shape on my flat edge and pushing is straight across works but when I make some arcs on the top face Follow Me freaks out. Here’s my skp file too… is this just not something that follow me can do? Am I using the wrong tool?
molding.skp (16.6 KB)

In the molding.skp file you sent;
if you select top face > click follow me tool > pick your shape face , it simply ‘freaks out’ because the width of the whole model is not enough. Try making it wider, so the shape doesn’t clash when turned. (or narrower shape)

You can check this article for more info about Follow Me tool: Extruding with Follow Me | SketchUp Help

I think you are using right tool.

I’m trying to make the molding in the attached photo.