Follow Me Trouble - Extrusion Inconsistent

Never had trouble before. Face looks good, welded it. Just won’t follow smoothly. I have tried all sorts of different radii… Any ideas?

Follow Me Trouble.skp (182.8 KB)

Can you show a screen shot of what you are seeing? It works for me.

This is what I see:

Holy smokes! I just opened it and ran it and worked! Beats me… Basically it was not connecting some parts of the profile. If I get again I’ll grab a pic.

You do have what seems to be excessive numbers of sides on your curves and considering their small size, that could potentially create issues with missing faces.

There is definitely something odd. Now when I select the path it gets deselected when I then choose the Follow Me tool. So odd.

That’s supposed to happen. Normal behavior.

Here is the issue…

Yeah. As I said before you’ve got excessive number of edge segments for the small size of your profile. It could be simplified so you don’t have that problem.

Here’s an example.

Do you know of a better way to get smooth curves? In this case, just looking to show this moulding bent a few different ways. The moulding is true to size but, for illustration, I could make it bigger or smaller. I have always just increased the segments to make things smooth and not had trouble.

You could work with it scaled up by a factor of 100 or 1000 but really you don’t need the large numbers of segments in your curves.

Scaled up 100 and that did help. Good enough…


If you need to show the moulding in situ you can scale it back down once it’s created without problem. Tiny faces can exist in SketchUp, they just cannot be created. Or search the forum for the “Dave Method” named after DaveR who helped you out, to create tiny faces without changing the original.

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Got it. In this case I did not need to scale it back down. In the past, I have struggled to scale an item back to an exact size…

The “Dave Method” eliminates that.

The “Dave Method” looks perfect. I LIKE THAT!

And for the really difficult situations there is Anders Lyhagen’s unbelievable plugin Followfy