Panel molding with follow me tool and arc


As a woodworker, I’m having problems with the follow-me tool.
I’m trying to model a panel with a molding on the outside edge, the panel has a stopped arc shape on top:
Path and Molding

If I select (triple click) the path, click the Follow-me tool, then right click on my molding group and select the face of the molding profile, I get this:

I can’t manage to clean up after because the interstecting arrise doesn’t seem to be created.
I managed to make it work for the curved door rails but strangely not for the panel…

I join the simplified Sketchup model as well.

Panel Molding.skp (15.9 KB)

Just move your group on the red axis as shown.

If you want to maintain the outer dimensions try using the offset tool to move the path to the inside of the molding and run the follow me on the ouside.

The location of the path relative to the profile is important for Follow Me. Sometimes it works to move it to a different location. In this case, though,I think you’re better off to leave the profile where it is relative to the path and run Follow Me. Then use Intersect Faces and erase the unneeded geometry. On the left is the result of offsetting the path to the inside. On the right is the result of using the path where it is and cleaning up afterward.

I offsetted the path to the inner limit of the profile then did a Follow me but the outer curve or the upper part don’t match your model.

Finally, I used your file, I selected all then intersected all faces then cleaned up a little and reconstructed a few edges.

See this SU file.

Panel Molding cleaned.skp (71.6 KB)