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Dear All,

My assistant (on a pc) is drawing up a simple woodwork job. He is adding a curved moulding to a length of 4x1.
he has been struggling with a glitch on follow me where the bottom of the moulding; once drawn at a parallel off the timber and shaped with the arc tool, the bottom of the moulding is thrown out and not flush with the timber. The top section of the moulding is fine.
I ended up drawing it to show him how I would do it - a simple square at 90 degrees, shaped to imitate a simple half round and then the follow me tool. Mine is doing exactly the same thing and I can’t think why. Never had this problem before and hoping there must be a simple fix. Many thanks in advance

The follow me tool uses the first and last segments of the arc as a guide, and will start and finish perpendicular to those segments.
If you add the model we could give you a fuller answer.

Thanks for the reply - my assistant has found a workaround using two circles and subtracting which I don’t fully understand and is a bit of a faff. Yes, it’s odd but solved but for the moulding, I created a square at 90 degrees straight off the piece of timber; drew in the arch; increased the number of segments on the arch and followed the timber. This though pushes it out at the bottom. As I say, asst has found a workaround but it’s not done this before!

Thanks again for getting back to me

If you add a sample model I’m sure we can show you a simple way to do it.

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Thanks will try and add one when I get a chance