Follow me tool not working properly?


I’m having issues with the follow me tool and I can’t seem to find this issue anywhere else. I’m trying to extrude this half circle shape along this half circle arc, but it defaults to this flat arc shape instead.

I saw a ton of tutorials but it seems to work perfectly for them but I can’t get it to work. Anyone know why this happens?

It is most likely that the radiuses and/or segment lengths are smaller (1-2mm) than what the SU can handle. Try to scale up by, let say 100x or use The Dave method

You can post your model here, then someone can take a look…

In 99% of cases the reason is tiny dimensions.

There are two issues here. The missing curved Surface is likely caused by the faces being too small.

There is also the tilted ends. Follow Me has sadly never supported arc curves well. Rather than honoring the actual curve tangent, it treats every segment as if it were just a straight edge.

This is logged internally as SKOR-15235.

For now you can extrude along a full circle, draw a face crossing it and use intersect faces to cut it in half.

I guess it’s due to me using tiny dimensions, the arcs are 1/8th of an inch tall.
If that’s the case, is there no solution other than scaling everything up and back down?

I tried your advice of making it a full circle and extruding it, but it took several attempts, and in the end I was only able to get it as a half circle.

I’ve uploaded my model below. basically what I’m trying to do is to get these arcs in the second picture to have a rounded edge on the front and back. Initially it didn’t work when I tried it directly on the arch, so my previous attempts were on a separate one where I planned to move them into the correct place.

cake topper.skp (709.0 KB)

As Dezmo pointed out everything is too small to work properly. Even scaling up by 10 will work on your model. The other thing you need to be aware of that @ene_su pointed out is the semicircles need to end perpendicular to the profile.

So, make a copy of one component off to the side, scale it up by 10 or 100, edit that component, redraw your circle and rotate it by half a segment then cut it in half and use that as the path. Once done delete the large component and you will find the small one keeps the edits.

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Here’s a quick example.
This one is so small follow me doesn’t work at all.
Dave method again

Scaling it up worked, and thank you for the visual aid. Now I have the rounded arches I needed.

I’ll mark this as solved, but I ran across a different issue after doing this method. After scaling up, I made the arches perpendicular to the profile by adding a line on each end of the arch that was perpendicular.

After using follow me to create the rounded edge I needed, I tried to delete the excess by intersecting with a plane, but doing so resulted in these little bits missing from the arch. Also I wasn’t able to easily select the “cut off” component. I thought this was the method for making a component flush with a surface?

It is simply tiny edges again. Rotating the circle works at only 10x scale because it creates a large enough segment for it to work, but your method of extending then cutting off is once again creating a tiny edge. The tiny straight bit after the end of the arc. Scaled up by 100 or 1000 it it would probably work, but it still gives you messy geometry.

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