Using follow me to make wires always leaves gaps

So I start with a circle on one end and add an arc to a destination circle of the same size. I then use the follow me tool, but it leaves a gap at both ends. See the pic. Also, now I’m getting an oval shape that doesn’t match the circle I’m using as the reference. Help.

Do you have an image of the original shapes and splines prior to using the follow me tool? that may help determine what is causing the issue.


Draw the followMe path so that it starts and ends with a line that is perpendicular to the starting and finishing plane.

Also be sure that followMe surface is oriented perpendicular to that leading path line.

I hope this helps



Awesome! That did it, thanks. It’s a little awkward with the sharp downturn from perpendicular, but it works. Also I had the arc path from the bottom of the circle instead of the center, didn’t think of it that way.

Awesome! That did it, thanks. It’s a little awkward with the sharp
downturn from perpendicular, but it works.

there doesnt have to be a very long leading edge and you and create a gradual transition down using an additional arc.

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As a further note, since SketchUp approximates curves as a sequence of straight segments, you have to take extra care to make the last segment of an arc be perpendicular to the plane of the end surface you want. As in your drawing, you may have drawn the arc all the way to the end surface, but the last segment is actually a chord that is not perpendicular.

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Nice figure George, that illustrates the issue pretty clearly!


This thread should go to the tutorial sub-forum.

Here’s a little video showing how the new auto filet feature makes it simple to create nice follow me paths.
Looks like it needs a click to start.

You guys are good. But, now I’m running into an error message that I can’t seem to resolve. It leaves a small gap. What does it mean?

It is what has been mentioned several times. The circle face that you want to extrude must be perpendicular to the last segment of the path it is to follow.

Yeah, I worded that stupidly. I actually did make a perpendicular line followed by an arc and it still left a gap. The only thing I figured was that the line was too short, 1/32". I made it longer and it worked.

Yes, followme has problems when the length of a path segment is too small compared to the size of the profile.