Follow me tool with push gives some problem at the start and the end.-part stays open gaps-

See drawing. 45 deg. no problem to fix the open gaps.
But with an arc the start and finish shows a difficult gap which I can not be close.
pls. advice.

.sorry but how can I put a drawing to this topic?

Upload button is in the menu when you ‘Reply’…

Which icon i have to use? Paste does not work,. drag? you have to open sketchup file.

The thick short line with an up arrow is the button for uploading stuff.

OK thanks. here is the image.
brace1.skp (74.2 KB)

There appear to be problems with how you set up your profile shape and path before followme, and possibly also with the size of the shapes being too small for SketchUp to handle correctly. It’s hard to reconstruct what you did after the fact, and we could waste your time and ours trying to fix the glitches. If you could upload a version of the model with the path and profile drawn but before followme it would help us to see exactly where you went astray.

The problem you are seeing is due to the fact that the profile is not positioned perpendicular to the first segment of the path. Follow Me then projects the profile to perpendicular. The extrusion ends perpendicular to the path at the opposite end, too. This is just the way it is with Follow Me. The same issue occures on the bottom with the chamfer as well.

The right way to deal with this is to set up the profile square to the path. I did that in the attached.

From left to right:

  • I extended the piece out at the ends and trimmed the ends off at 90° to the angled edges. I drew the radius for the roundover profile on the end.
  • Select the three edges and run Follow Me on the profile.
  • Draw cutting planes–rectangles to cut the part at the desired location. Note: there are no black edges where the cutting planes pass through the part.
  • Select the geometry of the part and the cuttings planes. Right click on it and choose Intersect Edges>With Selection. Black edges where the cutting planes pass through the shape indicate the intersections are made.
    -Delete the outer edges of the cutting planes and erase the waste ends of the part. Then add the round tenons.
    brace1.skp (151.0 KB)
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Your explonation and help was excelent. thanks. I found out how to design my stuff.
But some places have still a gap that not can be closed. pls. advice
grt. diagonal brace.skp (226.6 KB)albert

Those gaps are due to some edges being too small however if turn on hidden geometry and draw horizontal lines from vertex to vertex and the holes will close.

0412.skp (52.4 KB)

I have still problems with rounding edges of a beam. Around one surface is not a problem but when they meet eachother…

What did you do to arrive at that point?

Are you trying to draw this with any sort of precision? If so, how big do you want the beam and what radius do you want on the round overs?


If possible the short edges also. May be in one action?

0412x.skp (50.3 KB)

Why are you using Push/Pull? I thought we’d already gone over this and you’d use Follow Me. The radii you’ve drawn are different. Do you want them to be different or the same? If the same, which one is correct? One is ~12.1mm and the other is ~11.2mm.

Sorry Dave my fault I used FOLLOW ME.
The radius should be the same. After the sides being rouinded how to to the rest?

0412x.skp (861.8 KB)
See if this helps.

YES it did. Thanks This forum helps a lot, it gives more pleasure and less headache.