Help! Completing curved FollowMe gaps

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I am having difficulties completing the curves on my current model. I used the follow me tool on a two point arc with a 3mm bulge to get the curve I want on the outside of the design. However, the tool skips the inner arcs. What is the best way to complete those curves while maintaining the curve like the outer arcs. I need the rim to be a fluid curve all the way around.

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Scale the model up my a factor of 100 before running Follow Me. SketchUp won’t create the very short edges required in those areas. The edges can exist but you have to make them at a larger scale and scale down afterward.

My preferred method is to make a component of the geometry, copy it and scale the copy up to work on it. When I finish, I close the large copy and delete it. The original one will have the same edits and be where you left it.


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