Follow Me Around a Corner Skips the Corner

I’ve always had a ton of problems with the Follow Me tool, so I may still have a fundamental understanding of how to make this tool work. But I’ve been following the advice of many different posts in these forums but none of them seem to work for me.

I’m trying to get a rounded edge to go around a rounded corner. When I use the Follow Me tool to extrude the shape I want, it skips 99% of the corner and then continues on to the next straight section.

Here is a gif showing my problem. I’ve got two perpendicular lines, I create a tangent arc between them, then I try to Follow Me to create the rounded corner. but it leaves a gap in the middle.

SketchUp Follow Me Skips Corner

Is there something wrong with my model? Am I using the tool incorrectly? Follow Me never seems to work for me and I don’t understand what I’m missing or doing wrong.

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Using SketchUp for Web on Chrome on macOS

The radius is too small. Scale the model up by a factor of 100 or 1000 and try again. Scale back down afterward.

Fascinating. That did work. I guess I just have to scale up and down whenever I want to do stuff like this? I’m trying to create models for 3D printing, so I generally always need to do this at small scales. Do I just need to forever make giant models and then shrink them down when I go to print?

SketchUp, being primarily designed for architectural modeling has limits on how close end points of edges can be. If they are too close together SketchUp assumes they are intended to be the same point and deletes one of them. Without the endpoints, no edge is created and without the edge, no face.

When I model for 3D printing I do so with the model units set to Meters. I export the .stl file with meters as the units and import into the slicer with units set to millimeters. No need to be scaling up and down and this allows me to create very tiny details with no problem. Here’s an example.

In SketchUp:

And the 3D printed result.
3D Printed Connecting Rod by Dave, on Flickr

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Ok, thanks! I’ll give that a try!

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