Follow me issues, 2020

I am trying to design various different trays and have pretty consistent issues with the follow me tool, I must be doing something wrong. I have uploaded an example. It seems that things overlap in the rounded area and I don’t know how to deal with this. rect v4.stl (75.9 KB)

Can you attach the SketchUp file instead, the .skp rather than the exported .stl?

importing the .stl, I suspect you are working at a scale that is too small for SketchUp to create faces in. Is this item supposed to be 7/16" across? There are ways to work this small if that is what you are trying. You will most likely need to employ the “dave” method of working on a scaled up copy that you will later erase.

here it is as an .skprect v4.skp (329.5 KB)

I don’t see what elements you were using for the follow me. I think you are getting holes because the object is too small. Follow me can’t create the small edges.

Make a component of all the elements for the follow-me process. Make a copy of the component. Scale it up 100-1000 times. Perform the follow me on the large version of the component.

The process, if successful will also be successful on the original small version of the component.

Also it can depend on the path you are using, whether it brings the follow-me to zero lengths at the corner.

Looks like a combination of problems. The primary one is the relatively small size of the object and the tiny geometry of the curves.

Do you want the inside corners to be rounded or square?

I made it 1000 larger and there are still some small problems in the corners. I uploaded the result, as well as before the follow me operation.rect v4, exp 2.skp (213.2 KB) rect v4(1).skp (310.7 KB)

I repeat my question: Do you expect the inside corners to be rounded or square?

Sorry… If by internal corners you mean the inner most point where the slope upwards begins, then yes I want them rounded. I am trying to reproduce the design (with some modifications) uploaded here because I couldn’t figure out how to scale it by just expanding the central portion.rectangle v3(4).skp (392.4 KB)

So something like this?

If this is satisfactory, the trick, in addition to using the “Dave Method” as @pbacot described is to draw the Follow Me path at the inside perimeter instead of the outside.

With the radius you had chosen, the insides were winding up squared off because of the distance and it screws up the geometry as it folds around the corners.

You can fill in the hole in the middle by tracing an edge with the Line tool along the top and bottom of the hole. The bottom edges can be erased and the upper ones softened to leave you this.

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