Issues making a model and using follow me


In the attached drawing, I have made the outline of the object. My next step is to use follow me tool to complete the circle. There is a half circle sticking out 3/4 of the way up. When I perform the follow me step, that protrusion does not follow around. I can’t figure out why. After doing the follow me, I go to x-ray view and that protrusion is NOT there. It shows an empty space.

Can you please tell me what needs to be done to make this work?
Thank you

test1.skp (24.7 KB)


your geometry is too small…

you need to scale up for SU to make the edges, then scale backdown after if needed…



As @john_drivenupthewall says.
The size of your form will involve geometry < 1/1000"
The simple fix…
Make the path/profile a component.
Copy that instance off to the side.
Scale that copy x100.
Edit that instance and do the FollowMe using the path/profile.
The tiny facets now get created successfully.
Exit the edit and delete the scaled instance.
Go back to the original sized version.
It will also include the tiny facets - tiny edges/faces can exist - BUT they can’t be created - when SketchUp sees two points which are within 1/1000" it assumes they are coincident - therefore it doesn’t make that edge between those points, and any face that would rely on that edge is omitted too.
You can explode the final component instance and the resultant tiny geometry will survive…


Thank you John, Tig. your detailed explanation worked for me. That was the ticket.
Thank you again for your advice.