Follow me fails on a lozenge shape

I’m trying to round the edges of my button and it works for the straight sections, but goes transparent on the curved ends. Like this…

I started with this and used follow me on the stepped surface.

I’m sure I’m doing it wrong and the hard way.
Any advice?


I used an arc, selected

Looks like a case of the geometry being too small. It’s not really transparent but rather a case of faces missing altogether. Try scaling up by a factor of 100 or 1000 before running Follow Me.

My preferred method for handling small geometry goes like this.

Draw the thing at its normal size. I just guessed on the dimensions for the example and made it 1-1/2 in. long.
Before running Follow Me or doing something else that creates the tiny geometry SketchUp doesn’t do, make a component.
Copy the component and, without opening the copy for editing, scale it up. I managed this one scaling up by just a factor of 10.
Edit the large copy and run Follow Me or whatever.

After you’ve finished editing the the large copy, close it to exit edit mode and then just delete the large copy. The original will get the same treatment and be exactly where you left it.

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Dang that was fast.
Did you just make that model?

And good guess, it was .5" wide 1.5" long…
Scaling up worked, thanks!

Yeah. I did just make it after my first post. Since you did all the work, it was easy enough to make the shape. I made mine 1/2 by 1-1/2, too.

you’re faster than I am apparently…

12 years of practice. :wink:

ha, that’ll help, I have maybe 12 hours

It’ll come with time. :smile:

Not necessarily wrong, but there is a quicker, easier way to model the form.
Generally there’s more than one way to model an object with SU.
Which method is best often depends upon the modeling situation of the moment.

Experiment … Try different approaches to learn how the tools work.
For example; Follow Me will create the entire button form of the in one go rather than piecemeal.

Follow Me Button.skp (168.0 KB)

Follow Me — SketchUp Training Series

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I got it, I used a combination of follow me for the whole shape that Geo suggested and scaling that Dave suggested. It’s perfect.

Now to get it printed and see how it works!

Thanks Again