Follow me tool does not complete entire shape help!


Ive had this issue before where i need to spin a shape that looks like my first screenshot below with the follow me tool, but it will not complete the shape, it leaves out the half circles. Anyone know what might be causing it? I can upload my .skp if needed. Any help is appreciated.


Segment size is your most likely problem.
SU wont form faces down around the 1mm mark, so if the segments in the curve are less than 1mm it will fail.
Scale the whole thing up by 10 or 100 and it will work.
It’s often best to work at a larger scale and scale down when finished.
Or using components you can scale up one instance of your component, preform whatever action you want, then delete the big one and the faces will be there on the small one.


good call! its working. Thanks much


And old example of the same old problem …


Here’s a little gif showing how editing a small component fails to form the faces on a scaled up instance of the same component, and then how doing the edit on the large one makes the faces form correctly on the small one.