Followme tool fails

I am trying to create a curved 1/4" rod that is bent along a path. I created a path using 5 lines and 4 included arcs. When I select the lines that create the path and then select the 1/4" diameter circle the resulting object/surface is not complete. (See attached file.) How do I make the object complete?Followme Fail.skp (132.7 KB)

The missing faces are to small for SketchUp to create them, scale up your model before the follow-me…

example (10x):

Okay Once I scaled it up it worked fine, now though I can’t scale it back down properly. I scaled it up to 10 then did the follow me and then could only scale it back to .11 How do I get it back to it’s original size?

Why did you scale down to .11? If you scale up by 10, scale down by 0.1.

You could also use the method I prefer. Make a component of the profile and path, make a copy of the component and scale that copy up. Open the large copy for editing and run Follow Me. Then close the large copy and delete it. When you return to the original, it’ll be finished, the right size and in the same location you left it.

Next time I will try the 2nd method you described. My problem was that when I tried to scale it back down it stopped getting smaller at .11 it wouldn’t change to .1 But I simply used the tape measure method to re-scale the whole object so that the rod was again 1/4" in diameter. I have also decided to break the object into just the ends and make them separate groups so that I can create a “Handle” of any length I choose. I will probably fashion other parts of the whole object so I can create items of any size just by building the right size parts. Thanks much.

There’s no need to break it into pieces to make a handle you can resize. That just makes more work. And make it a component instead of a group so you can save it for future use if you want.

In future, grab the corner handle of the scale tool, move in the direction you want to scale, let go of the mouse, now type 0.1 in mid air and hit enter.

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