Follow Me tool fails (when modeling at tiny scale)

Why is it so difficult to make a simple bend tube with the Follow Me tool? I extrude a circle to follow the bend and all it does it stop or doesn’t properly follow. Is there another way to make bend tubes besides the broken follow me tool?

The circle will have to be perpendicular to the first segment of the path for the follow me tool to work properly.

Tried. Didn’t work.

Keeps pulling keeps pulling, won’t budge.

If the geometry is very small there will be issues.

Also, there are two ways of using the follow me tool, click and drag along the design path, or select the path first, then click on the face. The second way is often the easier option.

Can you upload what you have?

Can’t select path, gives me a no sign. Tried face, won’t budge

With ‘Select’ tool select the path. Only then select the ‘Follow Me’ tool and click on the face to be extruded along that path.

You meant “no entry” sign I think. The select of the path would be done with the Select tool, then you switch to the Follow Me tool, to click on the face.

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I tried to select path, then when I tried to press follow me, the slect went deseelcte.

Yes, that part is confusing, but the follow me knows that you had it selected.

I only just now figured out why the faces are reversed sometimes. If you think about the final object, there is an inside and an outside, and the face that is in the direction of the path is going to be on the inside. Having the back face be in the direction of the path will make it give you an object that is not inside out.

Still not working for me!

How big is the object?

Now the circle won’t do a thing. I’m getting FULL RETARD MODE right now!!!

@michael_okeefe91, the dimensions, not a screenshot.

Yeah that’s right, if you think in advance and reverse the profile the extrusion is formed with correct face orientation and you don’t have to reverse the faces afterwards.

I tried to do the same exact thing, and it STILL won’t work!