Follow me tool not working good way

follow me.skp (86.5 KB)
Hi i have attached the file. I want to make pipe with the shape i have. With the follow me tool im making it and its not giving me a good shape. leaving some gaps and not perfect. May i know the solution or whats wrong im doing

“EDGEINSPECTOR” (Fredo6-plugin) found “split edge” or “tiny edge” in the line.
The reason for some other errors is the tiny scale.
Scale up 10 or 100 times.

What Miller said.

The turn radius is too small for such a big tube. And you have some small segments along the curve that are so small that at this scale the tube can’t be created.
Also the first curve is way too segmented and it gives error on the underside geometry.
If you keep the segmentation low and make the right radius you will get good results even at this scale.
follow me f.skp (767.8 KB)

follow me_scaledup.skp (814,4 KB)

Scaled up 100x - You must only scale down !

when every the geometry not created we have to scale and then create the geometry and scale down. Y its not made in small scale or small segments. whats the reason it can make in large segments and not in small segments.:rolling_eyes: Thanks for all replying

This question was extensively discussed just recently in this topic, including definitive replies from jbacus:

After making the pipe i dont have the path to rotate the follow me tool and the circle size. I feel that the pipe thickness is think i want to make it bold or thick how can i make it.