"Follow me" tool not giving the wanted result


I am new in Skecthup and I have to learn how to design a spring. I followed a few tutorials online and they work fine for me. After designing the spring I had to make it thicker but I have faced two problems:

  1. The thickness required is 1.6 mm for the galvanized wire so I used a radius of 0.8 mm to create a circle to be used for the follow me tool. However SU returns with an error saying that the value was too small.
  2. I have merged all the lines using the welding extension and managed to use the Follow Me tool, however not all th segments are covered.

My questions:

  1. Can I use a value below 1 mm if the template used is based on mm? (I am using construction documentation millimeter template)
  2. Where should I start from to troubleshoot this problem with the follow me tool (or my design)?

Thank you in advance.



You need to work at a larger scale due to the fact SketchUp won’t create those tiny faces. Use the “Dave Method” which you can find described if you search the forum to make a component and scale up a copy of it to edit.


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