I just can't get Follow Me to work right!

It’s time to level-up my SketchUp foo. I’ve uploaded a GIF to show what I’m seeing, so I really hope someone can help me figure this out!

I’ve got a 2D shape that I’m trying to use to build a 3D shape in a circular pattern using the follow me tool. The 2D shape is curved many times, but I’ve ensured that each intersection is a 90º angle to relative to the path I’m trying to follow. The model itself is large enough, I think, with the circular path I’m trying follow at 53mm diameter.

The Follow Me tool kind of works, but not well enough. I don’t mind a little touch-up work, but as you can see in the GIF the extrusion is incomplete and full of holes. I’ve tried this so many different ways that I’m out of ideas!


Yep, that worked. I should’ve tried it anyway…I just thought I had large enough faces. Thanks!

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