Follow me tool and merging lines


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I consistently run into this problem aesis to happen? Is there another workaround that I am missing?

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FBnd I’m just not quite sure how to fix it. The issue seems to me to be that even though Sketchup treats my 2D object as a closed object, the connections between arches and lines don’t seem to be acknowledged. Is there a way to force this or something simply?
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Looks to me as if you’re working on something very small. Scale it up by a factor of 10 or maybe 100 before running Follow Me or use the Dave Method.


Sorry I see that the text got jumbled in my previous post. My computer was badly stalling. Regardless. I think this is caused because the lines and arches are not being recognized as continuous despite Sketchup creating a filled 2D object out of them. Is there a simple way to rectify this? I run into this issue often.



It’s about an inch across. Thanks for the tip. I’ll try to blow it up, use follow me, then scale it back down.



Yep. That’s too small. SketchUp doesn’t create the tiny faces. They can exist but it doesn’t like to make them.

The Dave method is easier than scaling up and down.


It’s not possible to tell from the video, but you likely have a large number of segments in the curved parts of your profile and maybe in the circle path as well. That will create a lot of tiny faces during the follow-me, and SketchUp’s cleanup operation will destroy most of them. I think you will find that @DaveR is correct that you need to use his eponymous method to get success.


Scaling it up worked perfectly. Thank you so much. So I guess the next step then is to try it with the Dave Method. Then find this Dave guy and thank him :slight_smile:



OK, did it this morning using the full Dave Method. Worked wonderfully.

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